Are you a potential applicant? READ THIS!

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Are you a potential applicant? READ THIS!

Post  Clarence Cooper on 6/9/2014, 07:21

Are you a passionate driver and skillful behind the wheels? Are you a safe driver and obedient to traffic rules and regulations, enjoy driving even under the peak traffic conditions and possess good people skills? Then you might want to become a bus- or taxi driver.

Technically, a bus- and taxi driver's job is to transport passengers to their destinations. Along the way, drivers ensure the safety of his or her passengers, getting them to places on-time. To become one, you must read on the following to gain information on how to become a bus driver. At the Los Santos Transit we constantly need new bus drivers to serve the citizens. If you believe that you are qualified enough to serve the city's finest, feel free to send us an application. This is done by filling out our application below. In order to apply you are required to fill out a certain form. Leaving mandatory spots will result in a denial from applying. We ask you to put effort into your application, thank you.

When you fill out the form, it is important to know the following: Leaving mandatory (*) spots empty will result in an unquestioned denial. Not preserving any prefix like bold letters or images will as well result in an unquestioned denial as you have not followed the proper form.

We thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the transportation authority.

Before applying please make sure you meet the following criteria:
1. Must be at least 21 years of age.
2. Must have decent English grammar- and verbal communication.
3. Must have none- or minor criminal record.
4. Must be able to maintain a calm attitude and learn from others.
5. Must be able to stand in difficult situations such as non-paying customers.
6. Must possess taxi and driving license.
7. Must possess own taxi and/or bus (in rare occasions, vehicles may be rented).

The form is as follows:



[size=24][b]APPLICATION OF EMPLOYMENT[/b][/size]


[size=18][b]1. Citizenship Information[/b][/size]
[b]1.1: Forename[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b]
[b]1.2: Middle name:[/b]
[b]1.3: Surname[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b]
[b]1.4: Domestic address[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b]
[b]1.5: Phone number[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b]
[b]1.6: Date of Birth[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b] mm/dd/yyyy
[b]1.7: Dated signature[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b] mm/dd/yyyy, name

[size=18][b]2. Pre Qualifying Information[/b][/size]
[b]2.1: Do you hold a full drivers license[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b] Yes/No.
[b]2.2A: Has your license ever been revoked[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b] Yes/No.
[b]2.2B: If yes, how many times and why[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b] How many times and why.
[b]2.3A: Do you hold any warnings on your license[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b] Yes/No.
[b]2.3B: If yes, how many and why[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b] How many and why.
[b]2.4: Do you hold a taxi license[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b] Yes/No.
[b]2.5: Do you hold a CCW license[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b] Yes/No.
[b]2.6: Do you hold a flying license[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b] Yes/No.
[b]2.7A: Do you have a clean criminal record[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b] Yes/No.
[b]2.7B: If no, why[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b] Why.

[size=18][b]3. Qualifying Information[/b][/size]
[b]3.1: Do you own a bus or taxi[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b] Bus/Taxi/Both/None.
[b]3.2: Which branch do you wish to embark[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b] Bus-driver/Taxi-driver/Both.
[b]3.3: For how long have you been doing public transportation[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b]
[b]3.4: Why would you like to embark a career within the LST[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b]
[b]3.5: Why should we pick you to other applicants[color=#FF0000]*[/color]:[/b]


[center][size=18][b]Terms of Applying[/b][/size][/center]
[i]I, author of this application, hereby give the management of Los Santos Transit permission to look up my previous records of my person (criminal record, license record, driving record), keep this document for future use and furthermore I approve that my statements above are equal to the truth without any exception.[/i]

[b][color=#FF0000]*[/color]Lack of statement results in an unquestioned denial.[/b]


[center][size=24][b]Out Of-Character[/b][/size][/center]
[size=18][b]1. Character Information[/b][/size]
[b]1.1: Level of the character you are applying with:[/b]
[b]1.2: Are you applying with an alternative or main character:[/b] Main/Alternative.
[b]1.3: Are you in any faction on any of your characters?:[/b] Yes/No.
[b]1.4: If yes, name character, faction and rank:[/b] Name, Rank, Faction.[/size]

Guidance on how to apply:

  • Copy the ENTIRE form and replace any placeholders with your answer.
  • The TITLE should merely be your full name, e.g. "John Smith" without the "".
  • The THREAD should be posted in "Employment Applications" aka THIS section!
  • (( Failure to fill out any OOC part of the application will result in an instant denial as well as lying at any OOC part. ))

We look forward to hear from you and wish you the best luck with your application.

Los Santos Transit is a governmentally run organization. Thus applies the conditions:

  • Total weekly payout is dependent on activity.
  • Minimum hourly wage is approximately $1,500.00.
  • Hourly wage is fixed.

Further information is available to employees of the Los Santos Transit.
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